New User Set Up 

In ClubRight you can set up members of staff as users who will have access to the ClubRight backend. There are 2 levels of access you can give to your staff.

  • Owner has access to all parts of the software without any restrictions.
  • Staff and Trainer status restricts access to not be able to view Reporting, Creating Users, or Settings area and accessing Integrations within the software.

Create a New User

  1. Click on the Settings cog in the top right of the screen then select Staff.

2) Click on the green 'Set up New Staff Members' button.

3) Add in the staff member's name, and then click on edit to complete their info.

4) Add their staff email address, and choose the correct level of access for that person. Then save the changes. 

5) The staff member will now need to go to the login screen and select 'not got an account'. They should then enter the required information, the email will need to be the same as you entered when adding the member. They will then be allowed into the dashboard where they can change their password using the Settings cog in the top right.

6) At Owner access level you can now complete the Staff Profile by adding in a rota, photo, address etc. The staff rota setting will confirm that person's availability to be booked using the diary for various activities.


Always ensure that you maintain the staff members who are allowed to have access to your systems. If there are changes or they leave your employment their access needs to be denied to maintain operational security.

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