Payment Logic

ClubRight software is very payment focused whether you collect your income using;

  • Cash
  • Card
  • Cheque
  • Direct Debit
  • Standing Order

 We are able to bring together a complete view of all these income streams in one place allowing you to see the components that make up the total business income.

We operate with a number of industry leading providers for member payments especially in the field of Direct Debits, to ensure the best possible levels of service for you so if you are interested in using Direct Debits for your club please let us know and we can recommend the right one for you based on your needs.

IMPORTANT For Direct Debits

If you have an existing Direct Debit provider ensure your Sales Advisor is aware of this, so they can make sure the correct integration is in place. It is also important to recognise that when migrating Direct Debit payment information over to ClubRight, during the setup stage your DD provider may take up to 14 days to transfer existing member payments over.

 Note: This does not prevent in anyway your ability to create new Direct Debit memberships for your customers, as it will all come together once the integration is completed.

Top Tip

In terms of Member Retention it is all about the money at the end of the day. Retaining more members each month means you have a positive gain, if you lose monthly paying members it is a negative gain. When a member cancels or fails to pay their monthly fee, it means they do not want to come back. Making a phone to call to the Member is a vital Retention opportunity for your business.

So focus on the Missed payments areas to see the minute there is an issue with a members DD.

You can then see daily who to contact, as retention is key for the strength of your membership base.

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