Access Control

Access Control can vary depending on your business requirements, from a simple swipe at reception when a member arrives, to a 24 hour facility needing to manage access 7 days a week. 

You can use ClubRight to manage who should have access as an Active Member while denying access to those who should not have access.

There some minimum requirements for certain set ups depending on the complexity of the installation, but having a healthy windows PC is essential.

How to find out more about how it works?
Access Control is very simple for us to help you with. It is best planned in a conversation with a member of our team, so that we can advise you of the best solutions.

Industry Standard Supported Access Controllers
We support the main industry controller, which is typically attached to a turnstile, door, or other method of entry. If this model is already fitted, and in good working order, it will be a very simple set up with little or effort from an installation perspective.

The Nortech CRC 400 Controller series is supported: 411, 412, 413, and 414.

Approved ClubRight Suppliers

We work with 3 Approved Access control suppliers who know exactly how ClubRight operate making it very simple for you to choose which supplier meets your needs and budget. They will take you through the whole process and connect you with us as part of their installation process.

Want to choose your own installer?
If you wish to use another Access Control supplier that is absolutely no problem as long as the supplier install's the same Nortech equipment as approved by us it will work in the same way.
NOTE - Nortech will ONLY sell to the trade

All the installer needs to do is purchase the correct equipment needed
Nortech CRC Controller

Datalogic Gryphon Reader RS232

Housing for Reader

5v PSU

RS232 Cable

Serial to USB Lead

This MUST then be connected to a Windows 10 PC and then the ClubRight Welcome Screen set up process follows by your installer

IMPORTANT NOTE - Nortech only sell their controller products to the trade via the installers that are approved to do so. Please NOTE that it is only the controller that is compatible with ClubRight, we do not approve or integrate with any of Nortech bar code/QR Code readers it is ONLY the controller that we approve.

Other requirements

  1. The ClubRight Welcome Screen is operated/connected on a Windows based PC as it will not operate on an Apple device. 

  2. Be connected to a good internet connection, preferably hardwired, but it can be wireless too.

  3. Where possible we suggest that you have a dedicated PC for this important feature of ClubRight.

We work with a select number of Approved suppliers for Access Control installations to ensure that ClubRight can communicate electronically with the Access point for Member Access to the club.

Please request assistance from the Customer Success Team for the best advice in all cases via the orange button.

ClubRight Approved Suppliers

If you have any problems with access control the best people to contact will be the Approved Supplier you have chosen the team who have installed the hardware, please find there information below.

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