Access control requirements can vary depending on your business, from a simple scan at reception when a member arrives, to a 24 hour facility, needing to manage access 7 days a week.

ClubRight will allow you to control who can enter the gym, how many times they can enter, and at what times. And with our integrations, you can setup the access control solution that best suits you.

Access control MUST be connected to a Windows PC ONLY will not operate on an Apple Device

How to find out more about how it works?

Access control is very simple for us to help you with. It is best planned in a conversation with a member of our team, so that we can advise you of the best solutions we can offer, or direct you to specialists for further advice if required.

MUST be connected to a Windows PC ONLY will not operate on an Apple Device

Which controllers do we support?

The Nortech CRC 400 Controller series is supported: 411, 412, 413, and 414.

Approved ClubRight Suppliers

Contact 1: Simon White
Tel: 01274 736526
Mobile: 07786172971S

Contact 2: James Littlefair
Tel: 01274 736526

Flockchain Ltd

Sam Smith

Mobile: 07944 014979


All Right Now
Darren Cox
Tel: +44 (0)1295 660566
Mobile: +44 (0)7794 935590


Henry Tawari


Tel. 07969909047

LAM Automation Ltd


Tel: 07799473432

Our approved suppliers know exactly how ClubRight operate, them the perfect contacts for discussing your needs, and if they fit your budget. They will take you through the whole process from quotation to installation, and long term support.

Want to choose your own installer?

That's no problem, simply point them towards our installation article here:

The hardware required for a basic installation is shown below:
A Windows PC meeting our Minimum Requirements

Nortech CRC Controller

Datalogic Gryphon Reader RS232

Housing for Reader

5v PSU

RS232 Cable

Serial to USB Lead

IMPORTANT NOTE - Nortech only sell their controller products to the trade via the installers that are approved to do so. Please note that it is only the controller that is compatible with ClubRight, we do not approve or integrate with any of Nortech barcode/QR Code readers, it is only the controller that we approve.

Other Requirements

  1. The ClubRight Welcome Screen, running on a Windows PC meeting our Minimum Requirements.

  2. Have a strong, stable, and cabled internet connection.

  3. We recommend a dedicated computer for running the welcome screen.

Please speak to an approved supplier or our Helpdesk via the Orange Circle for further advice and information.

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