Firstly you will go to the settings then click on the products tab.

Now click 'add product'

Enter the Name of the product.

Below are the sections of the product setup and what they mean:

Group - here you will setup the product group, this will then show up under this product group on the till. (more in product group article)

Price - Enter in how much the price will cost.

Credits - If the product will allow the customer to book into a class enter how many credits they receive to book in (more in credit article)

Credit valid for - enter how long the credits can be used to book into a class. if set to 14 days it will expire after this time and another product needs purchasing.

Stock level - If you are setting up a physical product you will enter in how much stock you have.

Stock warning level - Once this amount of stock is reached it will notify you on the report to purchase more.

Available to purchase for - You will select who can add this products such as those with/without a membership plan

Bolt-on - if this is going to be part of a membership plan (more in bolt-on report)

Activity access - If you setup a credit you will select the classes the credit can be used against.

You can also add an image of the product.

There are no limits to the number of products that can be created in the list of items you wish to sell.

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