A Joint Membership plan that allows more than one person to use the clubs facilities could not be easier. These can be set up for a number of reasons, but all with the same goal where there is a lead payer and other members able to use the clubs facilities as they are attached to the lead payer

What happens if the Membership Plan in Inactive?
When the payment is missed by the Lead Payer of the joint plan all those associated with the plan are denied access to the clubs facilities which includes making online bookings. The only bookings that can be made are when payment is taken by card as the lead payer is not active.

How to Sell a Joint Membership Plan?

You are able to link two members on a joint membership by creating the lead payers account first, choosing what membership they want and set up the membership plan for this member

Once you have completed the membership sale to the lead payer in the normal manner all you need to do next is create the person who is going to be the member attached to the lead payer's membership plan.

When you go to add membership plan the option of available multi member memberships will be visible. 

Choose the right one for that member to be associated with is the next step.

Then create an account for the 2nd member who you want to join onto the joint membership. Take the same step so create a membership with the same name as the first member has got. So for example joint membership. Once you have chosen the membership plan for the 2nd member, you will see an option at the bottom of the box to add the 2nd member to the first so that they are on the same joint membership.

Once you choose add, the page will show like this;

When you click on view lead member it will take you back to the lead payer (1st member). So now the 2 members are linked together.

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