The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to ClubRight. It's been designed to give you a snapshot of what's happening at your club as soon as you log-in.

In the top right, there a group of icons. These give you instant information on key metrics at your club. Clicking on each icon will take you through to a report enabling you to drill down on your data in more detail.

From left to right:

  • Number of active members - the number of members that hold active memberships at your club. 
  • Number of members at risk - the number of members that are no longer regularly attending the club and may be at risk of leaving.
  • Number of members with Birthdays today - the number of members with birthdays that day. Why not send them a message and wish them a happy birthday? 🎂 
  • Number of classes that have open spaces - the number of activities that have available spaces for members to book. 
  • Products running low on stock - the number of products that have stock warnings (this will only appear if you've set stock level warnings for your products).
  • Memberships with missed payments - the number of members with active membership plans who have missed or failed a payment. Click on the icon to select some collection options.

Message Centre

You can keep track of all new messages received from either email or SMS in the message centre. Click on the message to view the contents.

The outbox is also where you can approve an outgoing message (if pre-configured on your club info page).



Tasks can be used as reminders for yourself or as a way of communicating things to do to other staff and volunteers. 

These can be added by clicking the New Task button in the top right corner, adding your message, date & time and selecting the staff member you wish to assign it to. 

ClubRight will create tasks automatically when;

  • a members payment is overdue.   
  • a prospective member has created an account but not followed through with signing up

Member specific tasks can also be created in the Membership Profile.


This will display all members that have checked in recently (by themselves or by staff). 

Classes coming up 🚥

Scroll down the page and you will see your upcoming activities and bookings.

This view provides an overview of which classes are coming up, the activity type, date, time, location, instructor (if applicable) and how many have booked up. 

  • If the activity is green, it means that the class is fully booked.
  • If the activity is yellow, the class has some space left.
  • If red, there hasn't been any bookings yet.

Clicking on view takes you straight to the Class screen, allowing you to see more detail on who's attending. You can quickly add new attendees, send a message or take a payment here.

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