Whilst we always plan for the best, unfortunately not everything always goes to plan. It's therefore important to be able to communicate any changes to attendees as quickly as possible.

You may wish to update the location, date, cancel or simply remind attendees of the booking - whichever the reason, it's nice and easy to send a message to the entire group.

Sending a group message

First of all, you need to locate the booking in the clubs diary,  

Select Diary from the menu on the left of the screen.

Locate the booking in the diary and double click the panel to open the event settings.  

Within settings click on 'View class screen'

You can now message all attendees, those that have already checked in or any members that are on a waiting list. Click on the relevant option.

Click the box of the type of message you'd like to send (you can select more than one). You can now type your message in the freeform box and when ready to send, hit the little green Send button in the bottom right.

SMS Option 

Email Option 

SMS and Email at the same time 

Note: If it's an urgent message we highly recommend sending a message via SMS. SMS has the highest open success rate and is more likely to reach your attendees in time.

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