Key Points to Note

  • The Welcome Screen can only be set up on a Windows PC and WILL NOT operate on Apple/Mac Device.

  • We advise that the PC being used for the Welcome Screen is hard wired to the Internet router rather than WiFi to ensure it has a robust connection at all times.

  • Before getting started with the set up ensure that the USB connected bar code reader is connected to the Windows PC

Before we get started please find the link below and download both versions of Microsoft Visual C++ one at a time, this will ensure the welcome screen loads right away once installed


Steps to setting up

  1. Go to Settings then Click into Club Info, under the apps tab you can download the welcome screen. then follow the on screen instructions to download the latest version of the Welcome Screen.

2. Then launch the welcome screen and press F12 on your keyboard. This will open the options menu.

3. Then click "set" and scan a barcode to detect the scanner. You can then save and close the welcome screen.

4. Open it back up, and when you do, you won't need to have your welcome screen in the foreground to use it.

5. Most clubs like to have the Welcome Screen open and customer facing for members to see when they walk in which will also greet them and contains important information as well.

If you have any questions regarding this, we are always eager to help via our support chat/Orange circle.


  1. Please note if you have an older machine please use the link below to download both versions of VC++ 2015, to rule out any dependency issues on old machines.

  2. Make sure you are connected to the internet to operate

  3. If the reader does not seem to operate check that it is plugged in and the blue light is on at the top of the reader. When you then offer a bar code up to it the white light will come on.

  4. Make sure the Welcome Screen application is turned on each day to ensure it is working as you do need to be logged into the main ClubRight software for this to work.

  5. You might need a powered USB hub as scanner we're now providing requires a powered USB, most recent Windows PC's will be fine.

    • Older computers do not provide enough power - which is why the scanners don't work (even though they appear to turn on, they aren't on enough to be able to run effectively)

    • Long extension cables will probably lower the voltage enough so the scanner isn't getting enough power so this should also be considered.

  6. Basically - check what power options are available to the scanner before writing the scanner off as dead. A powered USB hub will most likely solve the problem if you find this to the case with your PC

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