In order to maximise your online club sales you can make the memberships and products really stand out with images, video, and colours of your choice.

To ensure the boxes have real impact, always add in short and punchy descriptions with eye-catching images.

To get started on your first membership plan:
Go to Settings
Select Membership Plans 

Below are the options for set up:

To add an Image, click on the camera and choose an image of your choice.

Add in a summary to give more product information, try to avoid making the summary too long. Having a summary is optional but suggested.

Product Description
It's always important to write an accurate and appealing product description, to ensure that your members know what they are buying and why they should buy it! 

Settings View

Payment schedule: 

First date 01/01/0001 means that when a member joins they will join on the day they have joined instead of for the future.
Collection day, you can set to immediate therefore the payment will come out on the day it was purchased or set to to the 1st, 8th, 15th and 25th they collection date will be the closest to the start date for example if set to the 1st or 15th and it was the 7th payment will be collected on the 15th.
How many times is duration between each payment, 1 month = every month, 12 months will be every 12 months.
repeat times = how may times it will happen 1 time will repeat once 5 times will repeat 5 times. 

Member View

Your members will see it a little differently! The member's area is designed to allow your members to purchase memberships with ease.

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