ClubRight provides many ways for you to grow your business online through Membership sales, Online Class Bookings/Payments and Registering New Enquiries, how busy is your club.

Connecting ClubRight to your website quiet simply makes growing your business easier once you have connected these easy to use connections.

New Enquiries and Prospects

You have a unique URL for your business (which will look something like this:, and this can be shared in many ways. Anyone that follows your unique link will be taken to the registration page below.

You can find this link by going to the settings cog in the top right, then to club info. Now click on apps and you can find the register link to your club.

  • You can have a New Enquiry button on your website that has this URL behind it to register their interest in maybe finding out more about the club.

  • You can also share this link on social media and encourage people to register right from their favourite platforms.

  • You can even have this link open on a tablet with a stand in your club and have prospects pop in to join there and then without even needing the help of staff!

Head over to the Settings cog, and click club info, now click the apps tab. You will see a box with your logo on it, which will contain the unique URL you need.

Online Joining

Your prospects will also use the same link to join your club online, enabling them to purchase memberships, products and classes.

Class Bookings

There are two ways to book a class:

  • Through the Member App - The Members Area allows your customer to view a calendar of all future classes that are available for them to book. The Membership Plan they have will determine if that Class is included in their plan or not. The member will be prompted to pay by card payment before they confirm a booking.

  • Calendar Widget - This allows your website to become a Sales Machine, by selling classes to your visitors. So a member could arrive at the website wanting to book a one off a class, pay for it, then turn up when the class starts in the future. Easy!

The piece of code (below) shown in your settings will need to be given to your website provider so that it can be entered into the back end of your website, and viewed by your customers. It is also possible to customise this to show a different view of classes, providing you with multiple ways for your visitors to view the calendar.

Opening Times Widget
Makes it easy to set up real time view of when your club is busy and when it it might be quieter. This is particularly important when a customer wants to see when would be a good time to come down, which they can also do on their member app. But also important for a customer who is deciding if they want to join as they can see the attendance as well.

Then just add the code to your website

Top Tip
Adding all these connected links and codes makes the access via your website simple and easy. Eliminates the contact need for updating your website as all the content shared from ClubRight is real time meaning you will save time and if you pay someone to update your website also money as well.

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