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Within this article we will show you the steps that a member will take to signup online. The members should sign up after you have completed setting up your system.  

We would always advise signing the member up online.

To access the online registration link you will go to the settings in the top right.

Click on Club Info.

Now you will go to apps tab.

Within here copy the online registration link (you can add this to your website, social media etc)

The member will signup using there First name , Last name, email address and phone number.

Once they have accepted the terms and conditions it will take them through to the members area.

Once logging in the members may have the option to select the marketing options meaning they can receive emails from the club for offers etc.

Now they are in and are able to purchase memberships and booking for different classes.

To purchase a membership they will go to Start a new membership then within here they can purchase lots of different memberships which the club has to offer.

Once the member has a membership they can now go to 'make a booking' and book into the classes , once you click onto this it will show the diary with all classes therefore you can easily book into a classes which the plan allows access to. 

We would advise setting up a test member with a brand new email address separate to your owner login so you can see the process first hand.

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