What are Merge Fields?

Merge Fields are statements you can include in automated email templates, that when sent, convert in to customer information relative to the customer you have emailed.

For example, if you sent a member a email with the subject as 'Hello [FirstName]!' and the body as 'Your Surname is [LastName].' to John Smith, the customer would receive an email subjected 'Hello John!' and the email would say 'Your Surname is Smith.'. This applies to emails sent in bulk, and we have an extensive number of available merge fields to cover different bits of information.

Club Name

The [ClubName] merge field will change to the name of your club, while not necessary for your use, we use this for most of our automated emails to ensure all emails from ClubRight is bespoke to your club.

Title, First Name, Last Name

The [FirstName] and [LastName] fields are used to display the customer's first and last name's as per the example email above. [Title] displays the included title for the customer.

Full Name

The [FullName] merge displays the customer's full name, exactly as displayed on the member's profile.

Company Name

The [CompanyName] merge field displays the name of the company that the customer works for, this is very useful for corporate membership package emails.


The [Email] fields displays the customer's email address.

Phone numbers

The [MobileNumber] and [HomeNumber] fields can be used to include customer phone numbers.

Membership Details

The [CardNo] and [MembershipNo] fields can be used to inform customers of their card number for access control systems, as well as their 6 digit membership numbers.

Emergency Contact Details

The [EmergencyContactName] and [EmergencyContactPhone] fields can be used to inform of customer's emergency contact details.

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