Using automated communications gives you time back in your business on a daily basis, allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that customers are getting your branded message's at the key points in their relationship with the business.

What does "started membership" trigger mean?

Simply a started membership is the term given to when a membership has been purchased and therefore started with you as a new member. When the purchase of the membership has started this would be the point at which the member journey starts and communications get sent out automatically based on the timing you have set up.

Planning your started membership Journey
The planning of a member journey could not be more important as it you need to take careful thought before setting up each trigger.
These are our suggested considerations

  • How many times will a new member be contacted until you decide they should not get too many automated communications
    Example - 5 automated emails/SMS go out after they have made a purchase

  • What will be the intervals of each communication
    Example Email 1 Day One, Email 2 Day 3, Email 4 Day 7 etc

  • Write the content of the Email you wish to send in a word document first to ensure it reads correctly
    Example Create your words and spell check before adding the trigger

  • Decide if you want to send an email, SMS and create a task for a team member
    Example you are able to create a number of outputs fro each trigger which could mean sending an email, an SMS or giving a task to a member of the team to make a call to a potential sales lead.

  • Do you want to have different started membership communications for different membership plans
    Example you could have the message go out to everyone that buys a membership from you or you can have a different message based on the plan they have purchased

  • Consider the importance of Member retention at all times throughout your journey planning.
    Example Think about the key points of making sure your new member feels loved from day one, so they will be advocates of you for years to come

How to create a Starting Membership Trigger video
In this video we show you how easy it is to create a started membership trigger using ProRight.

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