Give your Member an Online Option

In the current day many clubs have requested the facility to offer their members the option to take part in classes virtually

This can easily be done within ClubRight, by sharing via the class booking page, a unique link that a member can use, allowing your member to see the class and take part virtually.

Here’s how to do it Step by Step

Choose which type of Video Conferencing link you prefer some are free others may cost a small amount to use. The most common ones to choose from are below

Once you have decided which video conferencing service you want to use, just set it up as per their online instructions, set up your member's class in the normal way so that they are live to be booked online.

Then the only thing left to do is to share with your attendees of that class the link that they can use to view the online class you are sharing with them. We've included instructions for easily sending out this link below:

Firstly, click "View Class Screen" to get to the main screen for your class.

From the class screen, you can click "Message All Attendees".

This will send an email to all attendees on the class, so that the members who are joining the class virtually can click on the link once they receive the email.

This is a great way to help your members enjoying the benefits of exercise, even if they have decided that they do want to visit today.

As you might have experienced before, you can email or text out exactly what you want to send, but this is a helpful way of getting your online video conference link across to your attendees quickly and easily.


Remember, that like any other club email, the receipt of the message is reliant on the member consenting to being emailed, as per GDPR requirements! More information on GDPR is below:

For more information on GDPR, see below:

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