A key part of ProRight+ is the Branded App to help make your club stand out on the App stores, making it even easier for your customers to find you.

In order to get this set up for you there are some important items of content that we will need, so that we can comply with the requirements of both App stores.

What is required

Square logo

Your logo provided to us in the correct size which is 1024x1024 pixels.
The example below shows how the ClubRight one looks to give you an idea of what will need to be supplied to us

Name of your App

The unique name you wish to give your business on the App store, which we advise to not make lengthy or difficult to search for your customers
This has a maximum limit of 30 characters
Example "ClubRight Fitness" is 17 characters long

App Description

Your App description should give your customers a short description of your business. Try to avoid being too wordy and also too salesy, as it will look dated very quickly.
There is not a maximum number of words in this area, but less is more as they say.

We would recommend that your description includes similar words to these...


This helps your customers log in easily when using the Member App, as they MUST be registered first with club. If not their email will not be recognised when they try to use the Member App. If you do not know your unique registration / sign up page, please ask.

Process for set up

To ensure we get all the elements needed to set up your Branded App, please send them to us via the Orange circle all together allowing us to start the set up process for you.
If we get the following 3 elements needed separately it will delay the deployment of your branded app.

  1. Square Logo

  2. Name of your App

  3. App Description

Timeline for set up

Both app stores vary with Google set up often being faster than the Apple store, which is why we need to allow for up to 14 days before a new app can be deployed for your business.

IMPORTANT Please note this time (up to 14 days) only starts to tick when we have all 3 elements in place, which is key, otherwise the App cannot be set up for you.

Any questions, as always, please let us know via the Orange circle

We hope you will enjoy your new Branded App with ProRight+

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