To create a product you will go to the settings , then to products. Within here you can then click 'add new product.

Name - Name of the product. If the product can be purchased online this will show up with this name in the members app.

Till Name - You can enter a till name which will show up different here.

Group - If you have setup product groups you can enter what group this will come under. Then within the till you will click on the group and it will display the product here.

Price - You will enter how much the product will cost.

Credits - If the product allows you to book into a class you will enter in how many credits the customer receives. 1 will allow them 1 booking.

Credits valid for days - You will enter in how long the credits are valid till they expire, the customer cannot book after the expiry date.

Stock level - If this is a physical product you will enter in how many products you have, this will then show up on the report and alert you once it hits the stock warning level.

Available to purchase for - You can select who can purchase the credit online, for example members only means on those with an active plan can purchase the credit online.

Bolt on - If the product is available as a bolt-on for membership plans you can select this here. Such as a weekly, monthly bolt-on etc. More in the bolt-on article.

Activity access - If the product is setup as a credit you can select what classes you can book into.

Camera icon - click on here to upload an image, this will show up on the app.

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