Have your own logo and company name on the App stores. As part of our normal set up for a Branded App user, we will create set images with your logo on to the correct specification for the App stores to approve, meaning no extra work for you.

However we do recognise that some customers we work with have requested the option to create their own images to support their business brand, which we are happy for you to create your own but they MUST follow the exact specifications provided by the App Stores.

Image Size and Content Rules

There are some rules around the images that you create for your brand to ensure that they are appropriate for the intended description of the App itself.

Always ensure images include a screenshot of the App which you can see clearly within the image you have created. You can easily gain screenshots of your members app by going to Settings > Club Info > Apps >Your Member App

Then this will reveal your Member App to take a screenshot of to use in your own images like below

If the image sizes and formats do not comply they will be rejected by the App stores and need to be redesigned and submitted again for approval which will delay the set up.

App Store requirements are as follows



Files need to match these names

Icon72.png 72px
Icon76.png 76px
Icon80.png 80px
Icon87.png 87px
Icon100.png 100px
Icon114.png 114px
Icon120.png 120px
Icon144.png 144px
Icon152.png 152px
Icon167.png 167px
Icon180.png 180px
Icon401.png 40px
Icon402.png 40px
Icon581.png 58px
Icon801.png 80px
Icon1024.png 1024px
Icon1201.png 120px
Icon20.png 20px
Icon29.png 29px
Icon40.png 40px
Icon50.png 50px
Icon57.png 57px
Icon58.png 58px
Icon60.png 60px


iPhone 6.5" 1242x2688, 2688x1242, 1284x2778 or 2778x1284 (must have iphone border or no border)

iPhone 5.5" 1242x2208 or 2208x1242 (must have iphone border or no border)

iPad (3rd Gen) 2048x2732 or 2732x2048 (must have ipad border or no border)

iPad (2nd Gen) 2048x2732 or 2732x2048 (must have ipad border or no border)


Promotional Text (short paragraph, can be blank)

Description (Main description)

Keywords (comma delimited)

Support URL

Marketing URL

You will need to create 3 to 5 designs overall. This will mean with 4 devices as listed it will be necessary to 4 device images of each design.





Feature graphic: 1024x500px

Phone: between 320 and 3840px

7-inch tablet: between 320 and 3840px

10-inch tablet: between 320 and 3840px


App name (max 50 characters)

Short Description (max 80 characters)

Full Description (max 4000 characters)

How to send your images to us?

The best way to send your created images to us is to request a Dropbox link via the Help desk (Orange circle). Then you can upload your images for us to then set up and ready for the App stores approval


Whilst we are happy for you to design your own App store images it should be noted that the App stores are very picky and detailed meaning that if the sizes are incorrect they will be rejected even if they are wrong by only 1 pixel.

Please adhere to the specifications provided for you to follow in full by the App stores so that the set up of your Branded App goes smoothly.

Note also that the 14 day set up period will only start ticking once we have received all these images as they have to be submitted all at the same time.

Any questions of course message us on the Help Desk so we can direct you in the right direction.

To Find out more about the branded App contact us via the Help Desk Orange Circle

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