You will need access to the internet.

ClubRight is Cloud-based and needs the internet to operate - This includes any access control operation, including a scanner on the front desk.

Top Tip: make sure you do not let your customers connect to your Wi-Fi, as this will decrease the bandwidth speed and possibly cause the system to lag.

ClubRight works on pretty much any device, but to access the “Settings” area, you will need to use either a Desktop Computer, Laptop, or Tablet only.

If adding Hardware, such as a 2D QR/Barcode Scanner, or the Till Drawer & Receipt Printer, you will need first download our free welcome screen application, it must be a Windows Device, running on Windows 10 (Hardware is not MacOS compatible).

If using ClubRight alongside an Approved Access Control provider, you must be a Windows device, running Windows 10 and ideally have a sole machine for this purpose, have the device as close as possible to the door/gate that it is operating, have it hardwired in for the internet connection. Make sure the computer is always left on, logged in to ClubRight and the “Sleep” function on the device is disabled. All of this will improve reliability and speed.

When setting up the system

For setup & making changes, you should ideally be using either a Desktop Computer, a laptop, or a Tablet. Please note: The Settings area of the system is not accessible on a Smartphone (It would be far too fiddly).

Which Internet Browser?

It is recommended to use Google Chrome as your Internet browser (Free Download Here).

You can use others of course, but you tend to find that with most software providers (Like ours), this tends to be the preferred choice, as it displays the pages much better. Plus, as we use it too, it means that we can support you quicker/easier if you ever get stuck (As we are all looking at it from the same view).

Keep your internet speed fast.

Do not let your customers connect to your internet – This will slow the bandwidth and affect your system.

To avoid Images loading slowly on the Member App

When putting images on to your ClubRight system, do not use high resolution/megapixel images that could be blown up to fit on the side of a bus shelter. They only ever tend to get viewed on a smartphone screen. Therefore, if you only have high resolution photos, use a screen grab, or snipping tool, to take a copy of that image and use the copied version instead. This will then load much quicker for the customer - especially if they are using a 3G or 4G connection. We recommend that you use landscape images that are ideally all the same size for a uniformed finish.

Online bookings page loads slowly.

In addition to not allowing your customers to use your internet, consider how many days people can book in advance. If it is set for 30-days, this will take a lot longer than if it were to only serve up the next 7 or 14-days. Give it a try and see what works best for you.

What device should I use?

ClubRight works on pretty much any device (Note: The settings area is not available on a Smartphone), but as we use the latest technology, you should also try to have access to the latest devices/models too wherever possible.

Connecting External Hardware

If you want to connect any external hardware, such as a 2d QR/Barcode Scanner, a Till Drawer/Receipt Printer, or integrated access control, you must be using a Windows device, running on Windows 10 (The software is not Mac0S compatible for external Hardware) and for you to download our Free Welcome Screen application on to it, so that those devices can be recognised and therefore operate correctly. Please note: If you source any of hardware yourself, ClubRight Limited are not responsible to make this work with our software. Only tried and tested hardware will be supported; however, we will share troubleshooting tips that you can try.

Have you used another provider before?

If you have any other Membership Management Software, already installed on the same device, it is essential to remove this first in case in conflicts with our software.

Best Results for Access Control

Ideally, you should only ever use the Windows device for your access control only and not to operate ClubRight on it for all your admin functions. Always leave it switched on if possible and make sure it does not have a sleeper setting switched on. Use a hard-wired internet connection, rather than Wi-Fi (For speed & reliability). The closer it is to your access control door / scanner, the better and if you finally, do not allow your customers to use your internet bandwidth. All the above will help with the speed, reliability, and connectivity.

Approved suppliers

The benefit of using our approved suppliers is that they know how we work - If you are to use a non-approved supplier, please get them to contact us first via

Non-approved Hardware

If you try and source your own or use hardware that has not been tried and tested with our solution, we can offer some troubleshooting tips via the Orange Button on your application, but we are not responsible to make it work. If, however, items such as our approved 2D QR/Barcode Scanner &/or Till Drawer & Receipt Printer are purchased from us, it is our responsibility to get these working for you and we promise to do everything in our power to help you.

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