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Our Simple Dashboard

The Dashboard is designed to be clean, simple, and intuitive, providing everything you need to know, for your team to get on with running the business.

The dashboard makes it easy for you to do the core 3 things you would do everyday:

  • Sell Memberships

  • Sell Products

  • Register Attendance

Let ClubRight deal with the rest. As you do do what's best for the growth of your business, ClubRight will automatically update your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to show positives and negatives, making it easy to target your efforts in the right areas in a fast and efficient manner.


So what can the dashboard tell you at a glance?

  • Missed Member Payments

  • Daily Attendance

  • Members at risk of leaving the club

  • Are Sales on track?

  • Class spaces free to sell

  • Products running low on stock

  • Daily Tasks and who is responsible for them

  • Incoming emails to be responded to

  • Classes coming up to book

  • Who's entered recently, and if they are a member

The above is just a highlight of key points that help drive the business each day, but what is also possible is to take notice of trends over a period of time, making it easier to identify a problem and put corrective action in place


Direct Debit status of member payments is all generated by the clever integrations we have with our Direct Debit partners, which you use for your collections. It is important to note that ClubRight is updated by the electronic status changes generated by these providers, which are then displayed on the dashboard.

Use the ClubRight Dashboard to keep in touch with your business.

Top Tip

Get in the habit of reviewing the Dashboard daily to ensure you are on top of daily KPI’s, which drive positive growth for your business.

By keeping your regular focus in this area, it makes it very easy to identify what needs to be done quickly, rather than taking a long time to see an issue and not being able to put in corrective action fast.

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