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GoCardless Direct Debits FAQ
GoCardless Direct Debits FAQ

How to setup a GoCardless mandate. How to contact GoCardless. Payout times and lots more answered questions.

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ClubRight have an integrated solution with GoCardless making it simple and easy to create payments for your business. As part of our Online Member account it is possible for your members to join and create their Direct Debit in only a few minutes.

GoCardless provide a powerful but simple approach to Direct Debits which integrated with ClubRight allows you to grow your business in the most flexible way, cutting your daily administration time to almost zero.

Set up timelines

New Customers to GoCardless
Set up time 10 minutes
Go to the settings area of ClubRight, then click on integrations and select the GoCardless box. You will then be able to create your Merchant account, ready to start collecting payments by Direct Debit. Once your Merchant account is set up you are good to go right away, no delays.

Existing GoCardless Customers
Set up time 24 hours
As an existing GoCardless customer moving to get started with ClubRight is a simple process where we will link up the integration, which typically takes no longer than 24 hours.


Never used GoCardless before how do I set up an account?
Just go to the ClubRight Integrations page and set up your Merchant account.

How long does it take to set up a DD the first time?
When creating a new member's Direct Debit, you need to allow 4 working days before the first collection, as all Direct Debits require 4 working days from submission to collection.
For example a member joins a club on the 29th of the month will not be collected on the 1st of the next month. 

I'm an existing GoCardless customer, how do I set myself up in ClubRight?
This is really simple to do, just contact the ClubRight Success Team who will take you through the necessary stages to be up running in no time.

How do I create a New DD Plan when using GoCardless?
Just create a new Membership Plan in ClubRight and you can start using that plan the minute you have created it. New plans are easy to create in the settings area, meaning you can launch a new marketing campaign instantly.

Who chases my missed member payments?
Missed member payments are chased by you as GoCardless is a collection only service allowing you to manage your member's customer experience directly.

Who do I contact about Member Payment queries?
In all instances ClubRight will alert you to all missed payments instantly through our clever integration with GoCardless. Your ClubRight Dashboard shows missed payment alerts that allow you to quickly resolve the outstanding/missed payment without any fuss.

How quickly do I get my money?
GoCardless will typically pay out 2 days after collection, after taking their charges for making that collection. This is paid directly into your chosen bank account.

Where do I get payment information from?
The GoCardless integration allows many features when it comes to creating, editing and checking your customer payments. You will find all the member payment information in ClubRight under the Member's Profile. 

How can I cancel a Member's DD payment?
There are 2 ways this can be done, so it is your choice as to which suits the right need at the time.

  • Keep the DD Mandate - You can cancel the Membership Plan/Subscription and leave the mandate in place. Good reason to do this would be if you wish to rejoin the member again in the future without having to ask for their bank account information again as the mandate will be live and ready to use again.

  • Cancel the DD Mandate - You can in this scenario as above cancel the Membership first then cancel the DD Mandate, but this will mean if your member rejoins they will have to give you the bank account info again when they sign up

  • You will need to allow 4 working days notice to ensure that a DD payment can be cancelled in both options

GoCardless Contact details 

Contact details for GoCardless to verify your account:

Support - / +44 20 8338 9540

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