Access Control - How does it work

How does Access control work

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Access control is where a business has a barrier to entry installed (turnstile or magnetic door lock) that is managed by ClubRight to allow customers who have Paid access and Deny access to those customers who have not paid or booked a class/activity that has to be paid in advance as part of the booking process

ClubRight is integrated with 2 types of Access Control hardware

  • The Nortech Controller is one of the industry standard hardware solutions connected to the ClubRight Welcome Screen

  • The Paxton service is also connected to the ClubRight Welcome Screen in a similar way

We support both solutions which achieve the same goal but work in different ways and of course if set up correctly will operate as expected.

How does it work

The ClubRight Welcome screen is a small programme that MUST be set up on a Windows 10 or more PC not a laptop, this is quickly set up (Typically takes less than 5mins) by a qualified Access control engineer after they have completed your complete hardware installation on site

Minimum requirements and Top Tips

Your Access control MUST be connected to a desktop Windows PC ONLY - It will not operate on an Apple Device.

The Windows PC MUST dedicated to access control only. Please ensure this is an up-to-date pc operating correctly without any problems. (Ideally not a Laptop)

You PC must have at least 6GB of physical memory (RAM).

Your PC must be hard wired directly into the internet router to ensure stability. We do keep a cache in case of an internet outage.

Ensure the PC does not automatically update and 'sleep mode' is not enabled as this will turn off your Access control.


Access control installers

Click here to find out or approved access control installers.


Book your Access Control Survey

To ensure we provide the right advice for your Access control needs use this link to book a call

The purpose of this call is to answer any questions you might have before getting set up.

Please speak to an approved supplier, or our Helpdesk via the Orange Circle for further advice and information or email

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