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Product Groups

How to setup product groups.

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Product Groups

Step 1

Go to the settings in the top right, then click on the product groups tab.

Now you will click 'add new group' and enter the name.

Click add and edit.

Step 2

Enter a colour it will show up with on the till.

Now go to the settings and products.

Click on the individual products.

Then select the group.

In the Product Groups area it is easy to establish the groups that make the process of selling an item via the till quicker for staff creating a better customer experience.

Using Product Groups that show buttons on the till allows staff to locate items to sell in logical places, for example, it is straightforward to place all drink products under a group called 'Drinks', or all protein products under a group called 'Protein'.

Set up using:

  • Use the 'Name' field to name the group.

  • Select a colour to speed up till navigation, and train muscle memory.

  • Apply a 'Main Group' to place groups within groups.


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