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Sending bespoke messages
Sending bespoke messages

How to send a message to an individual member (SMS/email/Mailchimp)

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With ClubRight, it's easy to send a bespoke message to an individual member, or the same message to multiple members.

Step 1

Go to the Members Profile to which you want to send a message, click on the Comms Hub and select the Send Message button. 

Step 2

You will then need to choose how you would like to send your message such as an email.

Step 3

Enter in the contents of your message

With emails, you are able to add a subject line and can customise the look and feel of the message. You will also be prompted to restrict the email to members who have provided the relevant consent. 

Step 4

Once you are ready, click send and the message will be delivered.

An SMS will accept standard text only. It's also worth noting that an SMS message has a maximum character limit of 160 - should you exceed 160 characters, the message will be sent as multiple messages (160 per message).  Once you are ready, click send and the message will be delivered.

Should a member reply, their response can be found within the Message Centre on the Dashboard. 

New, unread messages will be in green - simply click on the message to read and hit Reply to quickly respond back.

All message history will be stored and found within the Comms Hub section of the Member's Profile.

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