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Connecting with GoCardless
Connecting with GoCardless

How to get started taking Direct Debits

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ClubRight integrates with GoCardless - a trusted, secure, and market leading payment processing company, so that you can take once-off or recurring Direct Debit payments. 

Setting up a merchant account with GoCardless automatically enables you to collect Direct Debits - you do not need to request a Service User Number from your bank.

Important tip(s)

You can only link 1x Bank Account to your GoCardless account. If you have 2x Businesses (With separate Bank Accounts), you would need 2x ClubRight systems.

If you are using ClubRight please do not connect Xero within GoCardless. This could cause double payments. If it is already connected you will need to revoke access by disconnecting them. 

ClubRight does have Xero integration, if you would like to continue using Xero, please connect to Xero from within ClubRight, using the guide below:

Getting Started

Log-in to ClubRight.

Click on the Settings icon in top right hand corner of the screen, scroll down and select 'Integrations'.

Find the GoCardless box and click on 'Set Up'.

You will be re-directed to a GoCardless page which will prompt you to either create a GoCardless account or connect your existing one (sign in at bottom of the screen).

If you have an existing GoCardless account, we can import your existing Direct Debit mandates straight in to ClubRight - please contact us for further guidance.

New to GoCardless

If you're new to GoCardless, it's really easy to get set up and should take no more than 10 minutes. 

You'll be directed to a screen just like the one below and will need some basic information on your club (name, contact info etc.), your bank details and your club logo (if you have one!). 

Click 'Verify my account' and then follow through each of the six steps. These are all fairly self explanatory, however first up is choosing your GoCardless package. 

Most clubs opt for the standard package as it has no fixed monthly cost however the integration supports all three packages so it's entirely up to you. You can find more info on the impact of the packages for your club here

Step two requires information about your company (this is your club).

Follow the remaining steps in order (which are all fairly self-explanatory). 

You will then come to Step Five - Verify payout account

This requires you to send a 1p bank transfer to GoCardless.  Due to Anti-Money Laundering regulations, GoCardless need to verify that your bank account details belong to you before they can settle funds to you. Full details on how to transfer the 1p will be on screen (similar to below). 

Please note that verification can take 2-3 working days, this doesn't stop you from getting started however they will not be able to pay out any funds until it is complete.

Should you have any issues with verifying your GoCardless account, please take a look at their Verification FAQ's or contact their support team directly via  

Once set up, you no longer need to access the GoCardless dashboard. All mandate & payment triggers, statuses and history are all managed & recorded within ClubRight.

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