How to use the Browser Check-in

Pin Number Access using Browser Check-in

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Members you have the option to use the ClubRight Browser Check in feature. By using a pin check-in, you will be able to monitor attendance without the boring admin work!

Each time a member enters their number into the pin check-in, ClubRight will:

  1. Check and confirm that they are Active and Paid up to date

  2. Acknowledge Attendance to the Club

  3. Attend the person to the Activity they are booked in on up 30 minutes before the start of the Activity/Class/Session

  4. Greet the Member with a Welcome Message

  5. Show if there is an issue with the Membership that needs to attended to

So how do you set it up?

Go to Settings
Click on club info
Go to the apps tab

Open browser check in

Then copy the URL (shown below) to a tablet device or a Touch Screen PC.

This will then be ready to use with your members.

Where does the Pin Number appear for the Member?
The PIN number can be found in the Members Area once they have logged into their account after purchasing a Membership. They will find their Pin on the top line in the Update Your Details section as shown below.

Can I change the PIN Number?
Yep! You can just go to the Members Profile in ClubRight and change the Membership Number to something different or more memorable for your member if you wish to do so.

What hardware do I need?
Our Help Desk can assist you with this as we have a range of Hardware that is approved by ClubRight.

A Tablet and Stand can be purchased, then turned on at the start of the day, so that your members can walk in and register without taking time away from the front desk.

All Hardware requests should be made through the Help Desk Messaging Service (the orange button at the bottom-right side of the screen) so we can assist you in picking the right hardware for you. Below you will find the spec and price of our Tablet and Stand Package.

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