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Joining your club has never been easier! 😊

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When it comes to joining a gym, your potential members will have different ideas on what their joining process should be. Some may want a tour so that they can get to know the premises to make sure it's right for them, on the other hand, some may be quite happy joining online first - a process which is becoming particularly popular in the age of the internet!

We understand the need to keep up with technology and the desire to do everything online, which is why ClubRight's online joining process allows you to do things better.

So how does it work?

Step 1:

Locate your unique joining link, which can be found under Club Info -> Apps.

Step 2:

Share your unique link with your members

Step 3:

Your customer will use the link to register for an online account

Step 4:

Once registered online they will receive an email to verify it is them

Email Example:

​Step 5:

They will setup a password

Step 6:

They now have access to the members area where they can purchase a plan, book into a an activity and more

Benefits of Online Joining
The online members area, is the perfect way to engage your members, and make them feel like they are in charge of their fitness. It's perfect for businesses at any stage: perhaps your club does not have a website yet - simply send your prospects your online joining link or share it on social media to increase awareness of the things you have to offer! Alternatively, if you're a larger independent gym who's members are used to more of a franchise-gym-style sign up, this slick and easy process means that your prospects won't think twice about joining your club 😎

Member Photo Capture can only be attempted once for security reasons and as such means that if this needs to be changed a member of staff will be able to do this in thh club.

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