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Here are the Terms that you agree with by using ClubRight's software solutions 😊

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If you are reading this, then you are officially a ClubRight Customer, and we are very excited to be working with you for many years to come. The Terms of Business is just to clarify a few things going forward, so that you can get the most out of working with us. It covers things like our levels of support, FAQs, or dare we say it, cancellations. The Terms of Business is subject to change and the latest version will always be available within the Orange Button on your application. As it is standard with most software solutions, you automatically agree to abide by the Terms of Business by using our software.

To also view our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy on our website, please click on the relevant button.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Wayne Heath

Founder & CEO

ClubRight Limited

Our Solutions

We currently have two solutions available to you (With one more Coming Soon):

Your software subscription cost is charged monthly, in advance, at the rates shown above. All prices stated are excluding VAT.

The full list of Features, that are included for each of our solutions, can be found here.

You will have the ability to upgrade and downgrade by contacting us via the Orange Button on your application, giving us 1x Calendar Month notice.

You can also email us on help@clubright.co.ukif for whatever reason you cannot login.

Your first payment, for the software, is normally collected by Direct Debit within a few days of you setting up the subscription.

As you will know already, ClubRight operates on a strict no setup fee & no contract basis, to keep things nice and simple.

Getting Started with Us

Following your free Online Getting Started Session, your 10-day onboarding process will commence.

Our Customer Success Team will be on hand to support you on the subjects below (If applicable).

✓ Checking everything is setup correctly.

✓ Setup your Members App.

✓ Discussing & Connecting our integrated partners.

✓ Customer data import.

✓ Connecting payment providers.

✓ Connecting to your current website.

✓ Access control.

✓ Direct you to add your free listing to Fitness Near Me.

It is important to remember that you must remain in regular contact with our Customer Success Team.

We advise that you dedicate somebody in your business to be known as the “ClubRight Ninja”, which is essentially someone that is working in your

business most frequently. This will allow for a much smoother setup experience and transition if you are switching over from an existing software provider.

How Our Software Works & Top Tips

ClubRight is a cloud-based system, live, and requires the internet for it to work. This applies to both your dashboard and the free members app. There are

many cogs that make the whole machine operate and we feel it is important for you to know this. For us to understand if something is not working as it

should, we may need to diagnose, or replicate what you are experiencing.

Our Top Tips:

✓ It is advisable to use Google Chrome as your internet browser -Also available on MacOS.

✓ To access the “Settings” area of your system, you must have Owner/Admin access -We also advise to use a tablet/laptop/MacBook or desktop.

✓ If connecting * Hardware, you must be using a Windows device, operating on Windows 10 for it to work.

✓ The Free ClubRight App is for your Members/Customers only, not your staff (Unless you are using our “Complete” &/or “Combine” solution(s).

✓ The Free ClubRight App is Universal, therefore all customers should register/join your club Online first; before downloading the Member App.

✓ It is advisable to register yourself to your own system to view your business through the eyes of your customer. You must use a different email address to the one you use for Owner/Admin/Staff access in order to do this effectively.

*Please note: Typical Hardware could be a QR/Barcode Reader, Till Drawer & Receipt Printer and Access Control (Such as gated entry). The ClubRight software itself will work on any device (Including Apple products)

Our Ongoing Support

Additional Ongoing Support, after your Getting Started Session, is available via the live chat service on your application and is completely free of charge.
Our operational days/hours are Weekdays, 9.00am to 5.00pm GMT. You can also email us on enquiries@clubright.co.uk if for whatever reason you cannot login.

We aim to respond to most questions within a few hours, but please understand that sometimes it may take slightly longer to come to a solution. We are all human after all.

Please refrain from using any other method of communication, as there is no guarantee that it will get seen, particularly if we are in a busy period, plus, it may only get seen by one person in the business. The live chat service however, allows for the whole team to see your message, so any member of the Customer Success Team will be able to have a chat with you and come to a solution.

We promise to respond to you within 4-hours of your enquiry to us, via the Orange Button on your application. Typically it is less than 4-hours and our most up-to-date response times are clearly shown within the same system

Our Industry Partners

ClubRight is quite unique, as we are all about collaborations. we provide integrations with many leading industry partners who specialise in their sector.

This includes, and not limited to, access control providers and billing partners.

On very rare occasions, you may need to let us know if updates between our companies are not working, and we will be able to investigate this. Whilst we
will do everything we can, to make sure this does not happen, it can also be out of our hands too and we may have to refer you directly to that partner

For a full list of our Integrated & Approved Partners, please click here.

Complaints Procedure

If you are unhappy with any part of your experience with ClubRight, you must let us know as soon as possible via the live chat (Or by sending an email to

enquiries@clubright.co.uk if you cannot login) and we will want to arrange a telephone conversation with you to discuss your concerns..

Your complaint will be noted down on your file and kept on record and a copy will also be accessible by you too.


We will always aim to provide a top level of service and are always on hand to help. However, we understand that there are sometimes rare situations, beyond our control, which may lead to your cancellation request.

As stated previously, we run on a non-contract basis, so you are welcome to leave by giving us at least 1x calendar Month Cancellation Notice*. We do not believe in tying our clients into contracts because we want you to be advocates of us. Please remember, the door is always firmly open should you decide to return to ClubRight.

If you require for us to do an export of your customer’s data and you also have a final payment to make between your cancellation request and when your account will close, this file will be provided to you on the next working day after payment has been made. Should you wish to receive this data file sooner, we are happy to oblige, but it would require for you to make payment via BACs and on the next working day the data file will be sent. If you do this, your final Direct Debit payment will be cancelled, but access to your system will remain for 1-Month after when your final payment would have been made, as per the payment schedule.

The only way for you to cancel your software subscription is by arranging a telephone call with one of our Heads of Department, as we will want to complete an exit questionnaire. Please send us a message on the live chat via your application (Or by sending an email to help@clubright.co.ukif you cannot login).

If payment is not received each Month on the agreed date for any reason, ClubRight has an inbuilt automatic shut off, meaning that you will lose access to the system until the account is brought back up to date. We may also insist on us setting up a payment method for future payments too, before enabling your access. If your payment information needs to change, please let us know in advance so that we can ensure our continuity of service

* We have a strict process for cancellations, and this is due to GDPR, hence why there is a 1x Calendar Month cancellation notice.

For every friend you refer to us that gets started, you will earn 10% OFF your monthly subscription fee & your friend will get 10% OFF too.

That means if you refer 10 friends and they all get started, you will get your software (Whether you use Core or Complete) for FREE. Seriously, we are not joking.

For more details, please click here.

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