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Operating and performance report

Get the most out of the Operating and performance report

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Hi There! 

If you have searched for this article you are most likely looking into the functions of the operating and performance report and we are happy to help :) 

Within this article we will go over the difference options you have and how to get the most out of them

  1. At the top of the operating and performance report there are search bars in which you can change the date, within here you are able to limit/expand how much is shown on the report. For example you can set it to this month , week etc

2. You will be able to see all the totals for how payments have gone through , for example we show the cash payments, card payments etc which you are able to see and compare together

3. We have broken down all the different payment types for example we will show how much is paid for a membership , how much is paid for product sales as well as how these were paid for example through the till

4. We will show all the processed till transactions therefore you can see all the products which a member has brought on any day

5. This report will also show all the new memberships and cancelled memberships , therefore you can look at your performance each day

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