How to Set Up the Xero Integration

Setting up ClubRight to work with Xero

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The Xero integration is designed to post daily accounting records to Xero through Manual Journals, without flooding your Xero account with transactional detail.

The Setup

To start, head to your Integrations screen and click Set Up to connect your Xero account:

When asked, click "Allow Access"

You will now return to ClubRight and be presented with the Xero settings screen:

You will need to specify an account for sales to be posted to - if not specified on a product.  If a nominal code is specified on a product, then this default will be overridden. 

When using xero, the nominal codes on the products/memberships etc are pulled from xero - the ClubRight nominal codes aren't used when xero is attached. You will need to make sure that products/memberships etc are all using the right xero nominal code

You will then need to specify a "Current Asset" account for each payment method possible in ClubRight - these accounts should be set up in Xero through the "Chart of Accounts", please ensure you tick "Enable payments to this account".  (This account can of course be the same for each payment method, or separate accounts, depending on how you manage Xero).  

The final setting is "Auto post nightly".  At the end of each day a transaction report is produced for all transactions that have happened throughout the day (including refunds).  You can choose whether to manually post this to Xero, or to automatically post it overnight (the most common option).  If, for whatever reason, posting it in Xero fails, it will be left as a Draft Manual Journal for you to check.

Daily Reports

At the end of each day a transactional log is produced and can be accessed through (also available through the cogs menu).

This report lists out each days transaction log, which you can click in to for details on. 

If you are posting manually, you can click on "Post to Xero" - which will create a Manual Journal Entry in Xero.  You can then click on "Posted to Xero" to view that entry directly in Xero.

If you are posting automatically, this process will happen automatically overnight.  Any errors will be flagged up in the report.

In Xero

When you are viewing the Manual Journal Entry in Xero, you can also click on "Go to ClubRight" which will take you back to the report. 

This means that you can keep all of the sales and transactional detail in ClubRight, and daily summary account data in Xero - keeping your Xero books nice and straightforward.

We strongly advise that you work with your business Accountant in the set up of the Xero Integration, this way it will be set up correctly based on existing settings your accountant has in place, like for example nominal codes matching.

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