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We all know that getting a new member is always harder and more expensive than keeping your existing members, so it is really key to get your member experience right from the start.

So what is a Member Journey all about?

Member Journeys allow you to create engaging, important and timely communications that happen automatically without you having to do anything once they are set up.

It is critical to think before you start building the automated messages you wish to be sent out for you, what is the purpose of the message and what type of communication would suit that need best.

What is a Trigger for that journey?

A trigger is when an action is to be started which can be for a number of different reasons.

There are several triggers set up for you use

  • Joined as a prospect

  • Started membership

  • Visits

  • Every visit

  • Payment Overdue

  • Every Booking made

  • Every Attendance

  • Membership Expires

  • Sales funnel stage changed

  • Member Birthday

What is the Communication?

The communication can be either and Email sent, a SMS/Text Message sent or a Task allocated to a member of the team to do at a certain point in the Member Journey.

Most importantly you should plan the communications you wish to be sent out automatically first which then makes it very quick and easy to set up the Customer journeys.

What's next?
As mentioned earlier here it is critical to map out the journey you wish to take your customers on for example

A new prospect is added into ClubRight which will then activate the trigger to start if it is selected in this example as "Joined as a prospect". Allows you to then automatically send out communications at set times with set content.

There are many training videos to cover how to get the best use of ProRight Message Automation with ideas of how to get the best

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