How do I set up Promo Codes?

Allow restricted access to your membership plans, without any manual work!

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The principle of Promo Codes in Complete is simple. You will set up a promotional membership with the offer applied (for example discounted price, additional class access etc.) and add a Promo Code to it. 

Then, when a member enters the correct Promo Code in their members area, it will unlock the promotional membership and they will be able to purchase it.

Check out this tutorial on how to set up a Promo Membership Plan, or read the instructions below! 

Setting Up a Promo Membership Plan

You'll set up the promotional membership plan in the same way with the promotion applied.  For example a discounted price, additional class access etc. You can also add a Bolt-on to your promotional membership - click here to learn more about bolt-ons.

Step 1:

Go to the settings, membership plans, either create a new plan or edit an exisiting plan.

Then go to the details tab

Step 2:

Click to add a promocode

enter a name for the code

Here's an Example! 

We've have created a Promo Membership that allows the member to benefit from
no joining fee, no contract and one PT session a month as a Bolt-on.

We've set the Promo Code for this membership to SUMMER2019.

This code can be shared with your unique registration URL link to drive sales.

Member Joining Online

When joining online, the member will click on your club's registration link to start their joining process as normal. They will see a box that shows a field to enter the Promo Code (which in this case is SUMMER2019). After they have entered the Promo Code and clicked Submit, the promotional membership plan will be unlocked and available for the member to purchase.

The membership plan is now available to purchase.

The member would then continue with their purchase as normal.

This feature is only available to customers using our Complete subscription, and customers of GoCardless and Stripe

To upgrade your subscription or learn more about what Compete has to offer, message us through the orange button.

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