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Calendar & Bookings Update (Admin View)
Calendar & Bookings Update (Admin View)

Make sure you are making the most of the new features!

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Diary Area

We've had a spring clean of the Diary Area!

The first thing you'll notice is the grey and white background, a white background is any time where you have staff members on duty, and a grey background is where no members of staff are on-site or available. The system will warn you if you are booking a class when nobody is around to run it. With this in mind, make sure you've got all of your staff set up on the rota for the best results.

Zooming in now on one class we can see what each part means, we have the time that the class starts in the top-left, the arrow symbol shows that the class is part of an ongoing event in our new Ongoing Schedule page, we have the name of the member booked in to this PT session, and the name of the activity.

Zooming in on another class, we can see the same details as before, but because this isn't a one-person class the booked member(s) are now showing. At the top-right we can see how many free spaces the class has.

Clicking on any class brings up the familiar activity-editor box, the main new feature here is the direct link in the bottom-left, allowing you to immediately direct customers towards booking that class in their own member area, where they can have your products promoted to them, including memberships, credits, and new classes.

The final new function to the diary itself is the new List view.

Some feedback we received pointed out that some clients of ours didn't need the calendar-style look of the other views, for you, we bring you the List view, a tidy way to see a brief rundown of the week ahead.

You can add a new activity either by double-clicking a time slot on the diary, or with the Add Diary Entry button in the top-right. We've reshuffled the box a little making the page as clean as possible, making it easy to create an activity booking.

As mentioned, we've introduced the Ongoing Schedule page, as reoccurring activities are becoming a popular choice for our clients as they grow and lock in a schedule. You asked for a better way to view recurring classes, we listened.

Clicking Update next to any Ongoing Schedule will bring up the management box for all future occurrences of that event, making changes here will effect all activities going forward. You can even bring back deleted future activities if you changed your mind or perhaps deleted one by accident. 

A lot of this will be familiar from the previous version of the diary, but some highlights are the Upcoming Occurrences that let's you individually manage any one of your upcoming events attached to this schedule, and the Delete Schedule button, that makes clearing all future events a breeze.

Activity descriptions: let your classes sell themselves!

The new booking system, as you'll see when we dive in to the member's area, offers more opportunities for you to customise the way your classes look. You can now add in images to each activity in the calendar to catch the eye, and a large area for you to describe the product to show just how fun your class is - your classes will end up selling themselves!

You can view the changes we've made to the Members' Area here

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