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UKActive Guidance on the COVID-19 Pandemic

UKActive's acvice and guidelines concerning the COVID-19 outbreak.

Updated over a week ago

As you likely know, UKActive are the association supporting the UK fitness industry, and are therefore typically the best source of information for how best to keep your club running smoothly.

UKActive have released the following statement regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In summary, their advice is to stay open, keep active, and help keep your members healthy and in fighting shape, while still offering a sanitary work environment for your staff,and a safe place for your members to stay in-shape. In line with this statement, UKActive have released the below best-practice information.

As we know that some members will inevitably use this outbreak as a reason to not attend classes, we've put together the article below, advising on how best to setup virtual classes for your gym within ClubRight.

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