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How to assign a membership card to a member
How to assign a membership card to a member
Updated over a week ago

To assign a Membership Card/Tag to a member’s record/profile you can either do this manually if you know the number, or by scanning the said card/tag and it then automatically gets entered in for you.

Whilst using a PC, or Laptop…

1. On the left-hand side menu, select “Members”

2. Search/Find the person you wish to add the Membership card/tag to and click “Edit”

3. Click “Profile”

4. a) You can then either manually add the Membership Card/Tag number in the box marked “Membership Card Number” and click “Save Changes”, OR, b) you can click on the “Setup” (Grey) button, which is to the right of that box, scan the Card/Tag and the number allocated to it should then automatically appear in the box for you, and you should then click “Save Changes”.

Please note: You will need to have Downloaded our Welcome Screen to your Windows 10 (or above) PC and also connected a scanner that can operate with our software in order to achieve part (b) of Point 4 above.

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