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Remain open, even though your doors are not right now.
Remain open, even though your doors are not right now.

Keep your members fit, even from behind closed doors!

Updated over a week ago

Although you are potentially not using all of the features of ClubRight, you can still use many other important parts of the system to really help you at this moment in time and we would like to explain how.

Managing Members Payments

Within the ClubRight system, you can manage your members' payments without them having to do anything - Take the stress away from them.

Just explain that you are there to help and request that they do not cancel their Direct Debit and to discuss this with you first on a case by case basis - Confirm that you are there to help.

You can manage your members payments within our software, without having to cancel your members Direct Debits.

Here are your options:

  • Cancel their “Membership Subscription” (Not the Direct Debit Mandate)

  • Freeze their “Membership Subscription” (Not cancel the Direct Debit Mandate)

  • Reduce their “Membership Subscription” (Not cancel the Direct Debit Mandate)

TOP TIP: Once this is all over, and you reopen, you will then very easily be able to reinstate their Membership Subscription without them having to all come back in and for you to sign them up again.

This has got to be beneficial for you and your business as you will be opening the doors again soon.

Communicating with Customers

Within the ClubRight system, you can communicate with your customers and keep both sides of your conversations in one place (Within their individual account). This then makes it much easier for you to then refer back to, record notes and also create your own follow up tasks too.

Email examples:

  • Keep customers updated

  • Share supportive messages from other customers

  • Newsletters

  • Exercise Routines

  • Nutritional advice

All email communication, back and forth, will be recorded (and date stamped) within the customers profile page, therefore keeping it all in one place - meaning you will not have to search through emails and cc other people in. 

Mass communication is also available - you can also use the new reports and filters to make sure you only communicate with the right people.

Please note that all emails sent and received are FREE.

Online / Virtual Activities

All clients are able to leave their existing timetable exactly as it is within ClubRight right now and then go in to each individual activity (Within the settings area) to untick the box that allows Online Booking for all activities not available online. The benefit of this is, your timetable will still be there for you when you reopen.

For all your Online activities (Virtual Activities), just create new activities and make sure they are available to book online and put them in to your timetable. 

TOP TIP: Have them in a standard colour for you, so that you know which ones are Online when looking at your timetable. You can also add an extra Resource/location as  “Online” too, allowing you to filter by this as well. Please make sure that if these activities are included within peoples memberships, that you tick to say they are within each membership plan and/or if you sell them within bundles/single sessions too.

From a Members perspective, they can then very easily still use the ClubRight Members Area or APP to see what Online Activities are coming up, book on to them, pay for them and get a reminder 24-hours before too.

Keep a Record of all your Reports & Financials

By continuing to use ClubRight, you will also have access to all the reports prior to this situation, as well as during. This will be really key, as the government business support that was announced recently, may well need evidence from you to gain this funding.

Further Support and Information

Within our overall ClubRight Team, we have people involved that are able to provide Financial guidance and support. We are here to assist and help you in these difficult times.

We understand that this is a challenge for everyone in business right now - Ourselves included - but we all need to support each other.

On Monday 23rd March 2020, we will be providing a number of support ideas to keep your members engaged with your business whilst the gym doors are closed. 

We, at ClubRight, are very much open.

If you have any questions of any kind, we are here to help ensure that we all get through this and get the country fit again. Please remember to communicate with us through the orange button on your ClubRight Dashboard and then as a team we can help support you effectively. 

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