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The Mega-May Update 2021 (System Upgrades)
The Mega-May Update 2021 (System Upgrades)
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During the lockdown, clubs have been using our emailing system more than ever to keep in touch with their members, making sure that even when they are keeping their distance, they still feel as close as ever to their club. With this increased usage a missing feature became apparent, which we've quickly implemented - you can now instantly reply to any email or text from the comfort of your dashboard. Furthermore, replies in the chain are also now tracked!

In addition to these upgrades to the email system, or member's area has received a major overhaul. The member's area was always intended to be a hub for all member activity, such as keeping on top of payments, booking in to classes, or pre-purchasing credits. Beyond this, the Member Area is supposed to act as a sales hub for bringing new business to your gym and we always work to minimize any resistance between your prospects entering the member's area, and becoming a member. A big step towards this goal in the latest update is that an account is no longer required to browse your member's area, prospects can browse your products, memberships, and schedule. Once the prospect has already been sold on your products, they will be given the opportunity to create an account and sign-on to your gym.

With the member's area becoming a core sales platform for your club, we feel it's important every club can make the best first impression they can, in a way unique to each club's brand and ideas. For this reason we've added custom fields to your Member's Area homepage, and custom webpages to your club info page.

So how do you go about making a custom page? Just head to the Member's Area section of your Club Info page, and you'll find your custom pages.

When you get to a newly created custom page, you will be faced with a text box, offering you the ability to enter any text you would want to show, as well as images or even videos.

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