Mass member freeze for COVID19 Pandemic

GoCardless Mass member freeze and Unfreeze

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In March 2020 the world was hit by pandemic which is an unprecedented occurrence which caused many business's to have to pivot quickly as they were told they would have to close and go into lockdown.

The lockdown also presented clubs with a very unusual request where they might decide to Freeze on mass all their member payments at once, which is something neither you as a club owner nor us at ClubRight ever thought would be a need.

At the time we acted fast and built in a very short space of time the ability to freeze on mass all payments that would be due next. This was with GoCardless and Card/Cash Only and all payments were placed on freeze for an indefinite period of time as know one was in a position to know when this pandemic was going to end, so no end date were created to start collecting again.

The Unfreeze Process

When the Lockdown is eased allowing your business type to reopen you will also want to reactivate the member payments that were put on freeze by us for you.

  1. Contact us via the Help Desk Orange button only so that we can ensure a member of the team can assist you with the Mass Unfreeze.
    This is the point at which you will make the request to unfreeze.
    Important Please do not use another form of communication as this the main method of communication for ClubRight.

    IMPORTANT NOTE - All requests for Unfreezing of membership payments will be processed within 48hrs. This is based on a 5 working day week.

  2. The member will then have their Membership payments reset up on the same dates they had before going forward thus ensuring their is no confusion or reason for your customer to be grump[y because the collection day has changed
    For Example Normal collection was 15th will remain the 15th

  3. Your customer will get this communication (See Below) when we reactivate their subscription on mass.

Example Email

Email Unfreeze Confirmation
Your [MembershipName] membership which started [StartDate] with [ClubName] has been reinstated from today.
You may get other emails from GoCardless, these are confirmations to adjusting your payment schedule.
[ManageOnlineLink] You can now also download the free ClubRight app to manage your membership and make bookings.
Your payment schedule is now as follows:

  • [PaymentSchedule]

[ClubName] Team

Unfreezes will happen from "today

4. Your customers will also get an email from GoCardless if it is a Direct Debit to say it has been re instated.

5. Any customer payment due before the GoCardless cut of date (Typically 4day ) will need to be collected manually, by one off payment.

For Example Normal Collection date 8th and the reinstate date was 5th would mean that this would not be enough working days for the 8th collection to be made so will show overdue

6. Any overdue payments that were in existence before the freeze will re appear as a outstanding payments that will need to be collected in the club or the Members App will show it is overdue so can be collected by card payment in the Members App.

IMPORTANT Once we have reactivated the Unfrozen Members

So once we have confirmed back to you that the Unfreeze has taken place for you there will be a quick audit you will need to do, which very simple to do

Go to Reporting

Go to Accounting

Open up the Active Direct Debits Report

Then to check to see that each member has a Membership Plan attached to their name which means you will then be able to start collecting money again.

If you see one that says no membership this would mean that a DD mandate is saved against this member but no money will be collected until a Membership Plan/subscription has been added to this person. So all that would be necessary now is add a new membership plan ready to collect again.
Good news is you will not need to ask your customer for bank account details as the mandate is already in place making it easy.

In Summary
Its a simple audit check to see who has got a Membership Plan against their name and who has not. By doing this you will then have all your members ready to pay you and by Active to use your facilities.

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