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Getting your club listed on FitnessNearMe!
Getting your club listed on FitnessNearMe!

The process to get your club listed, pending approval, on ClubRight's local gym directory - FitnessNearMe!

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Fitness Near Me is a FREE Online Directory to help your potential customers find you. Your listing is also completely free to you. We hope this helps to generate extra revenue for your business and also helps to get Britain fitter as a whole.

To get started - If you are on a Desktop, head over to the "Add a listing" button in the top-right corner. If you are using a mobile device, click the 3x horizontal lines (Top left) and you will see the same button. That should direct you here:

You can now choose the Listing Type that best suits your organisation. If none of the options describe your business type perfectly, then that is not a problem at all, you will be able to select a subcategory later on that fits what you do more closely.

If you are not already logged in, you will receive a prompt to either register for the first time, or log in.

Once logged in, you can get started with the below package:

Complete the "Basic Information" segment of your application (We have used "Gyms and Health Clubs" as our example listing type).

If you feel that none of the categories describe your organisation &/or you would like to see more “Tags” available, please message us on the orange circle (Bottom-right corner) with the details for our consideration.

As for Images and Files -

When you upload your “Logo” image, this will fit into the circle to the left of your organisation's name. The “Cover” image is for the background. You are also encouraged to add multiple images to your “Gallery”.

Finally, you can use the “PDF file upload” add further information about your organisation. This will appear under "Files" on your designated page.

he following section is simply requesting your contact details, which you can enter. If you are a ClubRight client, you can also enter your ClubRight-specific details too.

At the map, you can either begin typing your address in "Location" to find yourself, or click the button at the end of the box to home-in on your current location. Your browser may prompt you to permit us to use your "Location" information.

Your “Register link” is available within your ClubRight system. Go to <Settings> <Club Info> and then under the "Apps" Tab you will be able locate it in the top left box. At the start of your registration link is what is known as your “Club ID” (Unique to you). For example; If your registration link is "" then your Club ID, or ClubRight Calendar Name is "testclub".

You can also include an introductory video (Hosted on YouTube or Vimeo), which will play on your page when people visit it.

Once you have created your listing, you can preview your page and then submit it for our approval. The approval process typically takes up to 2 working days, as it's a manual process. If you have not heard back from us after this time, or if it has not gone live, please message us on the orange circle (Bottom-right corner) providing us with your organisations name and contact details

We hope this is everything that you need to know about creating your free listing, but if you need any further help, please message us on the orange circle (Bottom-right corner).

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