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Navigating your “Fitness Near Me” Dashboard
Navigating your “Fitness Near Me” Dashboard

Get analytics on how YOUR club listing is performing!

Updated over a week ago

On your “Fitness Near Me” Dashboard, you will find a number of tabs.

  • Dashboard

  • My Listings

  • Promotions

  • Bookmarks

  • Account Details

  • Logout

On the Dashboard, you can see lots of useful statistics, such as how many people are accessing your page, where they are located and how many views it has had. Alongside this information is data on how many listings you have, how many are still pending and if you have any promotions running on your listings. You can also filter these statistics to specific listings if you wish.

From your listings, you can (of course), track and access your listings. Furthermore from the Promotions tab you can see a list of your active promotions. From the Bookmarks tab you can view any clubs that you have bookmarked (This is more for client use, but worthwhile you knowing about this feature). From the Account Details tab, you can fill out details about yourself, link up your social media and also change your password.

Finally, the logout button does exactly what it is meant to do. If you have any questions about anything within this article, please message us on the orange circle (Bottom-right corner)!

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