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What are Awards and Accreditation
As human beings, we all want to be acknowledged for doing something well. We love to get noticed for our high achievements and to receive Kudos makes us feel great when someone tells us this.

So with this in mind, we have created the ability for you to acknowledge key achievements that can then be given to your customers for doing great things.

What could these awards be?

  • Award for a 50 visits to the club

  • Award for a members loyalty to the club

  • Award for attending 20 Spin classes

  • Karate Belt upgrade from Orange to Blue belt

  • Gymnastics personal achievement moving up from Level 2 to Level 3

  • Dance School grading achievements and review assessment planning

The list is endless in terms of where your ideas take you, in terms of awarding your customers and giving them Kudos for doing well.

There are 2 primary ways to use Awards and Accreditation with your customers

  • Manual Award Add an Award whenever you want to and acknowledge achievements with your customers by simply adding an award to their profile.

  • Award review Means you can create a process to keep track on all your customers achievements alerting you to when they are ready to be reviewed by a member of staff.

How does it work

Awards in ClubRight are issued by the club to the member via the member profile page.

This will in turn send an email to the member to congratulate them on their award achievement to alert the member.

The members award can now also be viewed by a staff member in a members profile in ClubRight, with the latest one showing to the right and at the you can see the historical awards issue you as well.

The Members App then shows the latest award they have received in the App and if they click on that award it will display all the previous awards they have ever been given.

This makes for great customer engagement by introducing a level of gamification to how the member perceives the communication they get in their Members App.

Always nice to be given a high five or kudos for doing something good.

How to set up Awards
So lets look at a typical way in which you could use awards in ClubRight.

Award Use

Business Type


How to do Video

Attendance Award

Gyms & All Clubs

Be able to review when a person is due an award based on attendance

Loyalty Award

Gyms & All Clubs

One off reward for their loyalty as a member. Could be that you want to make an award to that member fro supporting the club.

Class Attendance Award

Gyms & All Clubs

An award that based on a certain class attendance

Certificate Review

Dance and Gymnastics

A certificate awarded achievement

Video To be added


Belt Upgrade

Martial Arts

How to review for when a person is due for the next level move up the ranks.

You can be as creative as you wish with how you want to keep your customers engaged in a positive way as it is always nice to be told you are doing well by someone.

Awards Reporting and KPI Alerts

There are 2 new reports for you to use

  • All Awards - shows all those people who have been presented with an award

  • Award Reviews - shows all the people that need to be reviewed before their accreditation is presented to them

  • Dashboard Icon - This shows the awards that are due to be reviewed as a reminder

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