Transferring Data To ClubRight
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No one knows your customers better than you so it is really important that the data sent to us is complete and accurate as we can only import what is sent to us.

There are certain fields which are essential Green

Firstly when coming to ClubRight you will receive a data template sheet. Within this sheet there are highlighted columns, all which are green is what is needed for a data import to take place.

If you come from another software company you can ask for a full data export , then copy and paste in the columns to the data template sheet. Please be aware we do not manipulate the data so what is entered in on here will then show up like this on ClubRight.

IMPORTANT: Due to the sensitive nature of your customers personal information, please do not send us your data via email, or the orange button. We will provide you with a secure Dropbox link which you can upload this to - Thank you.

Membership status - if they are currently an active paying customer you will enter in active. If you are cancelled you will enter in cancelled.

Membership number- If you already have set membership numbers from a previous system you will enter this in here.

Forename and surname- Here you will enter in the customers first name and last name.

Email - you will enter in the email address of the customer. They will then use this email to register for an online account.

Membership Name/type- You will enter in the name of the membership plan. If the member uses credits to book in you will not enter this here, Credits will need to be added manually after the import.

Start date- You will enter the start date of the current membership plan.

End date- Here you will enter when the plan is due to cancel. If it is a rolling contract you will leave this blank.

Monthly amount- If the member pays each month you will enter the current amount in here.

Prepay amount- if the member pays for the membership upfront please enter in the upfront amount here.

Payment date- Here you will enter in the date of the payment for example 01/01/2021.

Stripe - If you are using card payments for stripe you will need to enter in the Stripe card ID and the stripe customer ID for each member, this will then allow us to link up the payments. This may mean you will need to login to stripe and copy then paste the information onto the data sheet.

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