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Push Notifications and Smart Notifications
Push Notifications and Smart Notifications

How do smart notifications work?

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Within this article we are going to quickly go over how smart notifications work with ClubRight and how you will be able to use them.

Push notifications

Push notifications will show up on the members app.

To send a push notification you will go to the members profile then under comms hub click send message.

Now click 'send push notification'

What is a Smart Notifications?
The ability to send a Push Notification and or an email at the same time.

So using smart notifications ClubRight is able to identify if a customer is using the mobile app or not. Once you look to send out a smart notification those who have the mobile app will get a push notification which appears on their mobile app, If they do not have the app downloaded the customer will be emailed instead. πŸ‘

How to send out a Smart Notification?

  • Firstly you will go to the members grid.

  • Now filter the options to who you want to send the smart notifications to (select a filter such as active members then click refresh and it should only show these customers)

  • Then click 'selected member options'.

  • Now select 'send a message'

  • Now you will press 'smart notification'.

  • Write up the message you would like to send the customer.

  • And click 'send'.

Please be aware that smart notifications is a Complete feature only. If you would like to find out more about pro-right please message us via the orange button.

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