Till Overview

An overview of different sections within the till

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To access the till you will go to the left-hand side of the screen, and then click the till icon.

Now you are on the till please find the below on the different sections within the till.

Staff member - Firstly in the top left of the till this will show the staff member who is currently checked in within the till. You can click 'change' to swap to another staff member. This will show up against the reporting.

Products - Under the staff member you will see the products you have setup. If you click on the product it will then change the amount due to be collected.

Member - Under the products you will have a section where you will search for a member. Whenever putting through a product we would always advise you enter in the customer therefore it will be super easy to track payments.

Clearing the till - If you would like to clear the till and restart you will click 'void' then begin the process of entering the members name, product they want to purchase etc.

Payment amount - On the right hand side you will see the amount due within the black box. This will only change if you click on a product.

Payment method - You will be able to select a payment method such as cash, once you have done so a 'complete' button will appear to process the sale. We have an article on the different payment methods within clubright.

Active sales - This will allow you to see sales which were added to the till however not completed. You can then go onto these and either process this transaction or Void it off.

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