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What is a bulk transfer?

In simple terms is the process by which Direct Debit mandates are moved from one collection company to another collection company.

This transfer process is known as a bulk change.

This transfer is achieved by cancelling the existing mandates with the current provider and then setting up new ones through the new provider on a set date, without any input or action required from the customer.

The mandate is purely the method of payment like card, cheque or cash and the transfer makes it possible to move these to a new provider without your customer needing to supply their bank account details again.

Your Payment data

Once the bulk change has been completed, payments and subscriptions will need to be set up again as these are not transferred as part of the bulk change process from your previous provider as this is part of the member data you give ClubRight.

What is really important here is the customer/member data you provide us includes information like

  • How much is being collected each month

  • What date was the last collection made

  • What date is the collection made

  • Name of the membership plan

  • Membership number

The reason it is so important is that we will be creating your future payment collections using this key data as it is not transferred to us as part of the bulk transfer process.

Without this data we will not be able to create your member payments correctly and is easy to get right from the start and we are here to help you.

Once you start the bulk transfer process you MUST NOT continue to create memberships and Direct debits using your previous software provider.
All new memberships have to be created using ClubRight integrated with GoCardless.

Email that you will be sent to start the Bulk Transfer process

Hi .............

As discussed please see the information provided by GoCardless that explains the Bulk Transfer Change

Each merchant that wants to complete the process will need to follow these steps;

1. Complete GoCardless account set-up and verification
2. Gather Bulk Change information
3. Complete Bulk Change deed
4. Submit Bulk Change information and deed to GoCardless

I've included relevant links below. Please take a look and let me know if you or your team have any questions!

I hope this helps. :)



Please keep ask us if you have any questions regarding a bulk transfer so we can help. Do not think you cannot ask us as that is what we are here for at ClubRight.

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