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Reports to use in GoRight

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In this article we will cover all the reports that are available to use with the GoRight Solution.

  • All active members - all customers that are paid therefore active by membership plan

  • All Inactive members - all customers that are cancelled

  • All frozen members - shows customers that have their payments frozen with GoCardless and Stripe integrated as the chosen payment provider

  • All expiring members - shows all customers due to expire and when they are about to expire in how many days time.

  • All expired members - shows customers that have expired

  • All verified members - shows customers who have access to their account and the Members App

  • All non-verified members - showing customers that have not verified their account hence why they cannot access the Members App

  • Outstanding Credits - credits by customer, how many and when they are due to expire

  • Messages - shows emails and SMS that have been sent by customer and time period

  • ParQ Report - shows who has completed a ParQ, on what date an details added

  • All Awards - shows all awards and that have been awarded review times, by visits

  • Award reviews - shows customers with awards that need to be reviewed before being awarded.

  • Sleeping members - shows all customers that are active and paying but no attendance is being registered for them for a month or more

  • Amber alert members - shows members who have not attended more than twice over the last 14 days and could be at risk of leaving

  • Red Alerts - shows members who have not attended more than 4 times this month and could be at risk of leaving

  • Expired frequent attenders - shows members who who were in a good attendance habit and now could be at risk of leaving

  • Attendance - Daily attendance by customer, time in. time out, how long they were in and on what day

  • Activity Attendance - shows customer attendance by activity allowing you to see utilization of each class by total

  • Missed Attendance - shows customers who have not attended an activity allowing you to fine them or ban them directly from the report

  • Attendance by Activity - shows total attendance booked and attended by activity

  • Till History - allows staff members to cash up by denomination at the required times through the day. This report is viewable by staff for this reason unlike others

  • Operating and Performance Report - this report is at the heart of your business and should be used daily as a financial management of the business. Shows all the key elements that drive the business.

  • Membership Collections - shows money collected by GoCardless/Stripe allowing you to link back by customer and transaction in one place

  • Active Direct debits - shows members with a payment method like GoCardless direct debit/Stripe card. Is there an active membership plan how much and the next payment date

  • Debtors - shows every customer that owes the business money at that time and such alerts you to collect it

  • SMS report - shows how many messages are sent when, what the message was and how much they have cost to send

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