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Reports to use in ClubRight

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In this article we will cover all the reports that are available to use with the ClubRight Solution.

  • Visits - Shows all customer visits, date, time in, time out and the Track and Trace feature allowing the business to see who was in at the same time as other customers used widely during the pandemic.

  • Diary - Activity summary, number of attendees when, time in tine out, max attendees, booked, waiting list and attended all in one place

  • Staff - shows activities taken by member of staff, how many activities and how many were booked.

  • Tasks - shows date stamped tasks allocated to a staff member, tasks completed on time, tasks due but overdue and overdue. Comes with a red, amber and green for status of these tasks

  • Overview & Net Gain - Shows the position with sales vs cancelled members to determine if the business is in positive gain (Growing) or negative gain (reducing)

  • Overdue members - shows all customers that are overdue a payment ands allows to collect via the Till direct from this report

  • New members - shows new members joined by time period as well as by membership plan

  • Renewed members - shows which customer have renewed their membership, when and how much was paid

  • Attendance - shows attendance by time period, how many times per person, and their duration of stay in the business

  • Referrals - shows who recommended a friend to join the club so you can reward that person

  • All active members - all customers that are paid therefore active by membership plan

  • All Inactive members - all customers that are cancelled

  • All frozen members - shows customers that have their payments frozen with GoCardless and Stripe integrated as the chosen payment provider

  • All expiring members - shows all customers due to expire and when they are about to expire in how many days time.

  • All expired members - shows customers that have expired

  • All verified members - shows customers who have access to their account and the Members App

  • All non-verified members - showing customers that have not verified their account hence why they cannot access the Members App

  • Members with bolt-ons -

  • Outstanding Credits - credits by customer, how many and when they are due to expire

  • All prospect members - breaks down all people who have made an enquiry but not purchased from you yet. can also link directly to that person from the report

  • All hot prospect members - shows those who have started an online purchase but stopped making them a good contact to make to see why

  • Birthday List - shows all birthdays for a period of time

  • Birthday List (male) - shows all male birthdays for a period of time

  • Birthday List (Female) - shows all female birthdays for a period of time

  • Marketing sources - really handy report to see which advertising/marketing channels are working for you. means you can focus your finances imn nteh right direction

  • Messages - shows emails and SMS that have been sent by customer and time period

  • ParQ Report - shows who has completed a ParQ, on what date an details added

  • All Awards - shows all awards and that have been awarded review times, by visits

  • Award reviews - shows customers with awards that need to be reviewed before being awarded.


  • Sleeping members - shows all customers that are active and paying but no attendance is being registered for them for a month or more

  • Amber alert members - shows members who have not attended more than twice over the last 14 days and could be at risk of leaving

  • Red Alerts - shows members who have not attended more than 4 times this month and could be at risk of leaving

  • Expired frequent attenders - shows members who who were in a good attendance habit and now could be at risk of leaving

  • Attendance - Daily attendance by customer, time in. time out, how long they were in and on what day

  • Activity Attendance - shows customer attendance by activity allowing you to see utilization of each class by total

  • Missed Attendance - shows customers who have not attended an activity allowing you to fine them or ban them directly from the report

  • Attendance by Activity - shows total attendance booked and attended by activity

  • Till History - allows staff members to cash up by denomination at the required times through the day. This report is viewable by staff for this reason unlike others

  • Operating and Performance Report - this report is at the heart of your business and should be used daily as a financial management of the business. Shows all the key elements that drive the business.

  • Membership Collections - shows money collected by GoCardless/Stripe allowing you to link back by customer and transaction in one place

  • Active Direct debits - shows members with a payment method like GoCardless direct debit/Stripe card. Is there an active membership plan how much and the next payment date

  • Debtors - shows every customer that owes the business money at that time and such alerts you to collect it

  • Membership forecasts - When connected with GoCardless you will be able to see a forecast based over 6 months ahead using what was collected last month and what has been sold for the following month

  • Member value report - shows the total value of a customer in addition to membership sales to include products purchased and classes as well

  • Product sales report - shows product sales by time and also nominal a code to split income streams

  • Stock levels - shows your stock position and when to reorder new stock as required

  • SMS report - shows how many messages are sent when, what the message was and how much they have cost to send

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