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Paxton Access Control Integration

Paxton Engineer Connection Instructions

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How to get started with Paxton

Once you have chosen your ClubRight Approved supplier, they will advise and assist you in the purchase of the Paxton Net2 Lite software, needed to operate with the ClubRight software.

Important note:

We ONLY recommend and SUPPORT our Approved Suppliers to install your Paxton services in your business.

If you choose an installer that is not an approved supplier, it will be necessary to contact us in advance, via email, on to book in an appointment for a survey call prior to any proposed install. The purpose of this call is to ensure that they are aware of how we operate and that we cannot support a non-ClubRight Approved Paxton installer, outside of the set-up instructions that we provide in this article, which will allow them to do an install if followed correctly.

Book your Access Control Survey

To ensure we provide the right advice for your Access control needs use this link to book a call

The purpose of this call is to scope out and advise how the ClubRight integration operates

Before you start

  • It is highly recommended to choose from one of ClubRight's approved suppliers as they will have all the experience needed for a smooth easy install into your business premises and will provide the necessary survey needed in advance of producing a quotation for their services.

  • If you were to use your own choice of supplier, we have provided the instructions in this article to assist them with the install. ClubRight do not advise which hardware options to purchase, as this is the expertise of the engineer and we cannot advise, or provide support on this for non-approved suppliers.

  • ClubRight provide the integration to the Paxton Net2 software which has been approved by Paxton. Please click on the button below to view

  • Ensure you have a healthy Windows 10, or above, PC (Not a laptop) that is in good working order and free from any issues that could allow it not work correctly.

  • Ensure you that this PC is connected to your internet router, ideally hardwired, to avoid dropouts typically caused by a Wi-Fi connection.

  • It is important to note that if you have an existing membership software provider connected to Paxton, it is critical that all connections to your previous provider are removed from the Windows PC before ClubRight is connected.

  • The ClubRight integration allows you to connect to Paxton Net2 Lite software

  • The Installer will then advise on all the hardware needs that are required
    Magnetic Door
    Speed Gates

    Fixed QR Code only (Not dynamic QR Code with Paxton)
    PIN Pads

  • It is also IMPORTANT to decide which type of access your customers are going to use to access the club and stick with it as you can only use one
    PIN Number - Same as the Membership number
    QR Code - Part of the ClubRight Member App

Paxton Set up Process

The set-up is straight forward as described below.

Step 1 - Download the attached license file (Top Tip: You may need to right click on the button below and press "Save link as")

Step 2 - Then ensure you save it to this folder on the Windows PC, named as below,
C:\Program Files (x86)\Paxton Access\Access Control\ApiLicences

Step 3 - Then restart Net 2. Ensure all 3 services are running being

1) Net2 Client Service

2) Net2 Nginx Service

3) Net2 Service

Step 4 - Download and run the ClubRight Welcome Screen installer.

Step 5 - Press F12

Step 6 - For Version 6.6 Add the Paxton API URL: http://localhost:8080

​Step 6 A For Version 6.7 Add the Paxton API URL; https://[MACHINENAME]:8443

You will need to replace the [MACHINENAME] with the name of the computer Net2 is installed on. You will need to ensure that the SSL certificate was installed as part of the Net2 installation

Step 7 - you might need to save config and press F12 again

Step 8 - Enter the username and password (Most engineers use OEM User and then whatever the password for that account is in net2)

Step 9 - again, you might need to save and re-open

Step 10 - Select the door, and the access level


When you load the welcome screen now, it should enter all the users in to net2, along with their pins. All Paxton users are set up as 6-digit tokens by default.

Ways Members can gain access

There are 3 different ways in which a Member can access to your business with Paxton

1) QR Code (Fixed) is the most popular version used as it is simple easy and does not have any additional cost as you are using the Members Phone. The Fixed QR Code is not dynamic and to ensure it works correctly with Paxton should be set to Fixed in Settings.
You must make sure that the setting in ClubRight is set as follows

2) Pin Number is automatically generated for a new members when they join and is emailed to them, in addition is it can also be located in the Member App as it their membership number.

3) Cards/Fobs this method can be used but tend to be the least popular as there is additional cost of purchasing these cards/fobs for customers especially if they get lots and need to be replaced.

Adding a Card/Fob Process
There is a process that needs to be followed in the correct order.
When a member joins ClubRight will push them into the Paxton database automatically as a new member, then follow the steps below

1) To add a card/fob you will need to have both Paxton and ClubRight open at the same time via the Members Profile Page, then click on the button

2) Then go to Paxton locate the right member and add the card number in to the card/fob number for this customer and save it in Paxton.

3) You will then see that this populates the Member card number in ClubRight and when it does just save in ClubRight.

4) This now means the card/fob is registered in Paxton and ClubRight.

What hardware versions are supported?

Your Paxton approved installer will advise which hardware could be connected to the Net 2 system. which could be for example

  • QR Code Readers

  • Door controllers

  • Key pads/PIN Numbers

  • Turnstile

  • Mag Lock

Hardware requirements
It is always essential to have the right hardware installed as part of your Paxton Access Control set up. Please take note of the following requirements as recommended by Paxton.
Your chosen Paxton installer will also be able to advise here as well

Compatibility – Hardware

  • A Windows PC of the following specification is required in order to run Net2 software:

  • Intel® Core™ i3 (or equivalent)

  • 8GB RAM or greater

  • Minimum 20GB free disk space

  • Minimum Resolution of 1024 x 768

  • Maximum Resolution of 1920 x 1080

  • USB2 and Ethernet

For optimal performance we recommend the following PC specification:

  • Intel® Core™ i5 (or equivalent)

  • 8GB RAM or greater

  • Minimum 40GB free disk space

  • Minimum Resolution of 1024 x 768

  • Maximum Resolution of 1920 x 1080

  • USB2 and Ethernet

SIP Server/Client requirements:

  • H.264 video codec

  • G.711 (PCMU/A) audio codec

  • SIP INFO or RFC2833 is required to open doors remotely via a SIP client (Other DTMF formats are not supported)

  • In order to guarantee compatibility with a 3rd party SIP server/client, we recommend testing the system with the Entry panel prior to installation.

Compatibility – Network

Where devices have an Ethernet network port, (e.g. a TCP/IP RS485 interface, or a Net2 I/O board) the device will be compatible with IEEE802.3 Ethernet infrastructures supporting 10BaseT at 10Mbps using the IPV4 network protocol.

IP data traffic between the user interface software and the server software (where client server mode is used) and between the Server software and the I/O boards use ports in the range 6474 to 6485 inclusive. When using a TCP/IP RS485 adaptor, ports 10001 and 30718 are used. A combination of TCP and UDP communications are in use. This should be taken into account in routers where port filtering or forwarding are employed.

We recommend that wherever Net2 data are communicated over TCP/IP, data security and vulnerability of components should be considered. A virtual private network (VPN) should be used where traffic is carried over the public internet, and secure VLAN’s are advisable on vulnerable internal networks. We advise that the network connection and security should be provided by a competent person and their configuration and design are outside the capability of our support team.

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