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How to set up the Sales Funnel with Complete

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The sales funnel feature allows clubs to specify a set of sales funnel stages within the Club Settings page. This feature is only available to customers using the Complete solution.

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Step 1

Go to Settings > then Club Info > Sales Funnel
In Club Settings, users can add, edit and delete sales funnel stages specific to their club requirements. A colour should be assigned to each stage to make use of the dashboard summary widgets.

Step 2

Stages can be reordered on the website by drag and drop. The drag and drop feature is not supported on the mobile app.

Step 3

It is easy to move customers from one stage to another using drag an drop when you speak with them making sure that all your communications are then relevant at all times.

Step 4
The members grid also allows you to see customers that are at different stages and filter them by stage for communication purposes

You can then filter the stages to then send out communications outside of the automated emails you may have already set up

When an active stage is deleted a warning message is displayed because it may have members already assigned. If so, those members would appear as no longer in the sales funnel.

Step 5

Your Dashboard Pie chart will display in real time how many customers are at each stage of the funnel.

Step 6

A new report has been added to the Operational Reports sub menu. This shows a summary of the number of members in each stage followed by a break down of members per stage. Each section has a message button to send a message to all members within that stage.

Step 7
Lead drops out of the funnel once they buy a membership so that it only focuses on opportunities to do business with rather than becoming an endless list that does not evolve


  • Do not over complicate your Sales Funnel with too many stages

  • Ensure that everyone understands what each stage you have set up means

  • Empower the whole team in your business to be involved as it is not just a sales persons job, everyone is involved in sales in some shape or form

Above all make it simple.

The Sales Funnel is a feature that is only available on our Complete & Combine solutions

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