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Card Payments with Stripe
how to set up the Stripe PDQ Terminal
how to set up the Stripe PDQ Terminal

Card Present - Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay

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Make it even easier for your customer to pay you face to face using the Card Present machine.
So simple to take money from your customer face to face using their debit/credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay all integrated with the ClubRight Till, which seamlessly flows into the reporting and Xero if you are connected.

The BBPOS WisePOS E is a countertop reader for Stripe Terminal apps. It connects to Stripe account over the internet.

Step 1 - Turn the reader on and off

When you first receive the device, install the battery. With the back of the device facing you, lift up from the indentation in the bottom left corner to detach the back cover. Insert the battery by sliding it into the exposed slot with the gold connectors at the top aligned. After the battery is in place, charge the reader. Connect the reader to power by plugging the provided cable into the port with the lightning bolt symbol.

After the reader is fully charged, hold down the power button on the right-hand side until the screen turns on. After the device powers on, press the power button to sleep or wake the device. To fully power off the device, hold down the power button until the power off option is shown on the screen, then select it.

In a countertop deployment, leaving the device on for extended periods is expected.

Even when it’s not in use, leave the BBPOS WisePOS E plugged in and powered on to receive automatic software updates.

Step 2 - Access settings

To open the settings menu, swipe right from the left edge of the reader screen to reveal a settings button. Tap the settings button and enter the admin PIN 07139. From here you can update your WiFi settings or generate a pairing code for device registration. Battery status is displayed at the top right of this screen. To close the settings screen, click the back arrow in the top left corner.

Settings panel

Admin PIN screen

Step 3 - Connect the reader to the internet

Because the BBPOS WisePOS E is a smart reader, its reader software communicates directly with Stripe, managing connectivity through a LAN. The reader must connect to the same local network as your point of sale application. If you’re running into issues connecting your reader to the internet follow the troubleshooting steps to diagnose the issue.


To connect to Wi-Fi or switch networks, go to settings, then select Wi-Fi settings to choose the network and connect. Attempting to join a new network disconnects the reader from any existing wireless connection.

Your Wi-Fi network must use WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal encryption and be password protected. Non-password-protected networks or enterprise networks are not supported. If needed, you can set a static IP on the device from the Wireless settings screen.

Step 4 - You MUST ensure that you have your Stripe Merchant account set up via the Integrations page in ClubRight. When your Stripe account is set up you will then see "Manage your readers here" then click the "Add reader" green button

Step 5 - Using the Admin PIN Screen on your PDQ reader, tap generate pairing code which will then create the 3 word pairing code that needs to be entered into ClubRight add reader

Step 6 - Give your reader a name which can be any name of your choice as it identifies the reader when using the Till

Step 7 - Now enter the 3 word pairing code created in Step 5

Step 8 - The new reader will then acknowledge the set up is complete and ready to use.

How much does it cost?

The charges to use the Integrated Card solution are straightforward, unlike traditional card payment providers.
Typically card providers tie you into 36 month contracts, charge set-up fees and have a monthly service fee, even if you did not take a card payment of £25 per month on average.

You will be pleased to know it is a whole lot easier with ClubRight

  • No Contract

  • No Set up Fees

  • No Monthly Service Fee

  • Just pay for the card payments you take

ONLY 1.95% Plus 20p per card transaction (Which includes the ClubRight application fee) exc. vat.

Your reader is now set ready to use now go to the Till to reveal the new reader button.

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